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Counselling with Matthew

Matthew Power is a leading trauma counsellor. He has for many years achieved outstanding results using the best of evidence-validated new wave trauma counselling methodology

The approach Matthew uses is grounded in Humanistic Psychology, which believes that you are the expert on your life and that every human being, including you, has within them the goodness and wisdom to find their own way forward.

The job of a counsellor in the humanistic model is not to know what you should be thinking, but rather to provide you with a skillful process that helps you deeply listen to your own intuitive wisdom.


Focusing is such a skillful process, where you learn to experience the way your mind flows through bodily “felt senses”. Focusing-based counselling with Matthew can help you find your intuitive wisdom, and thus your way forward. It can also help you be “with but not in” emotional intensities, and thus free yourself from being dominated by them.

Because this way of counselling relies on discovering your wisdom and awakening your natural ability to become at peace with yourself, it can help you find the way forward in many different situations: relationships, life goals, addictions, emotional intensities, creative processes or, truly any life situation you need help with.

Focusing addresses a fundamental part of the trauma healing process - the way the body itself remembers the trauma with "felt senses". Recognising how essential this is, several other new wave trauma therapies are Focusing-based, including Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Matthew incorporates elements of all of these approaches in his work.

A Focusing-based course of counselling can fruitfully end with you becoming your own therapist, by learning a new way to experience yourself based on compassionate acceptance of all that you are, and discovery and celebration of your abundant inner gifts and virtues.


Having studied and practiced mindfulness deeply for over 20 years, Matthew can guide you in a variety of ways of stabilising your mind, which is the first step in the healing journey. The ability of a therapist to help you find the right approach to stabilise your mind in this way is important. It's not enough just to teach you to be aware of your breathing, or give you a standard CD. Not everyone responds to the same exercises in the same way, and experience in helping people with many different ways of applying mindfulness is essential, which Matthew has.

A 3 Phase trauma approach

If you are doing trauma counselling with Matthew, you will be helped with a "3 Phase" trauma counselling model. This is the gold standard in trauma counselling:

Phase 1: Safety and Stability
Phase 2: Trauma memory work (including memory held in bodily feeling)
Phase 3: Integration of healing from Phases 1&2 into your daily living

This means, above all, that the trauma healing process is at all times emotionally safe. Phase 1 always comes first, which means you will always be helped not to be overwhelmed by trauma memory. The key to this is the practice of mindfulness, both at home and in the counselling room.

Matthew is particularly experienced in helping people with complex trauma arising from childhood abuse, including those with addictions and serious mental health diagnoses. In his work with the Blue Knot Foundation, Matthew trains counsellors, social workers and psychologists in the needs of those with complex trauma.

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"Heart Mind Focusing"

We need our "heart mind" for healing - our caring, compassionate acceptance of ourselves, and deep, felt appreciation of the gifts and virtues that flow from who we truly are. It is not just about loving ourselves - it is about learning how to love ourselves.

Often this doesn't come easily to those who have suffered abuse, or simply an absence of love, and have internalised that as a strong "inner critic", or a sense of shame they should not have. Working with Matthew it is possible to recognise that this can be changed, by learning ways of listening compassionately to ourselves (Focusing is a method for this), and learning how to recognise and acknowledge our strengths and virtues as they arise in daily life.


Matthew's current standard fee for counselling & Focusing training is $95 for 60 minutes.

After 10 sessions, standard fee is $85 per 60 minutes.

For those with NDIS funding Matthew is NDIS registered.

For victims of crime, assistance can be provided to apply for counselling funding from Victim Assist QLD.

Concessional rates are available in certain circumstances for residents of Townsville on low incomes - discuss with Matthew.
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