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With Matthew Power
Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist
BCouns, BA, Grad Dip Ed, MACA

~ Trauma, Relationship & General Counselling
~ Intuitive Life Training
~ Clinical Supervision

Based in Townsville. Available for Zoom appointments only at present

Contact:   0439810160  

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Clients and other professionals about Matthew

My experiences with counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists began at preschool age and have continued on and off right throughout my life till now at 37. Until my first session with Matthew (around four years ago), no one has managed to make the kind of break throughs with me and helped in my healing processes like Matthew. After the first few sessions I knew he genuinely wanted to help and with that I felt safe, unpressured and comfortable in the depths of very scarey, dark times. I am forever grateful to him in being able to help me find my self confidence, build my then fading hope and the inner strength I needed to pull through and out of a complex PTSD breakdown. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone from any walk of life for his ability to communicate, understand and help each person for their own unique individual selves. I would not have come as far as I have today without his help and continued genuine support. 
J, Townsville

I have known Matthew Power for about seven years as several of the parents involved with The Family Inclusion Network Queensland (Townsville), of which I am the President, have seen Matthew for counselling with regard to the complex trauma they have experienced. Without exception, each of these parents has spoken highly of the help and support they have received with Matthew.
Rosamund Thorpe
Emeritus Professor of Social Work
James Cook University

My memory of trauma counselling sessions with Matthew is very favourable towards him, even though the issues we dealt with were anything but nice. This was not just a job to him – I found it very obvious he genuinely cared about me as a person, from the very first day. He went out of his way to help me, including a cup of tea, and even food at times afterwards, when the session had been very taxing. Main thing that stands out, is that Matthew knows how to get genuinely to the root of the problem – it was not just comforting chats etc, but removing and healing actual subconscious damage gently so that I could gradually re-function normally. To be honest, although he has all the training, I think Matthew has a gift in this area and is doing what he was born to do!
Alan, Townsville

I was Matthew Power’s clinical supervisor for five years. I have on several occasions sat in on Matthew’s individual counselling sessions and observed his work first hand, including sessions with complex trauma survivors. I remember one such session with a man who had suffered extreme and extensive child sexual abuse, both priest abuse and within the family. It was inspiring to see the skillfulness and gentleness with which Matthew helped this client process trauma memories, carefully pacing the session and monitoring the client from moment to moment to keep him emotionally safe, and yet engaging effectively with memories using Matthew’s body-based Focusing approach. This client is one of many who have reported extensive and profound healing in long-term work with Matthew. I am happy to give my highest recommendation to Matthew, for anyone considering trauma or general counselling.
Keneti Galo
Master of Counselling, Clinical Supervisor

Matthew supported me through a challenging professional transition period. He has a remarkable ability to listen and a capacity to deeply connect with what was happening for me. I felt so completely seen and heard and from this place, with the help of Matthews’s skill as a Focusing Therapist, I was able to reach a depth of self-reflection I have only rarely attained. This was so very helpful in aiding me to make the transition I had to make.
Anne, Townsville

Matthew brings qualities of great compassion, kindness and gentleness to his therapeutic work, together with a sound knowledge of trauma-informed therapeutic techniques, especially Focusing. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending his services to clients with mental health concerns, particularly those who have been through developmental trauma.
Dr Kingsley Mudd MBBS, BMedSci, FRACGP
General Practitioner
Headspace youth mental health service, Townsville

Contact:   0439810160