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With Matthew Power
Focusing Oriented Psychotherapist
BCouns, BA, Grad Dip Ed, MACA

Based in Townsville. Available for Zoom appointments only at present

Contact:    0439810160

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Intuitive Life Training Can Get You Moving Forward!

Intuitive Life Training helps you in the same areas as Life Coaching:

~ Goal Setting
~ Strengths-Based Positivity
~ Problem Solving
~ Motivating
~ Organising and Planning

BUT Intuitive Life Training helps in a much more powerful way.  The key  word is “intuitive”.

Whose intuition?


“But I’m not very intuitive” you might say. Which is a great place to start, because Intuitive Life Training exists to teach you how to access and rely on your intuition as an essential part of working through life issues.

We actually talk about our intuition all the time, often without knowing that's what we're doing. We say we make decisions helped by a “gut feeling”, that we know a problem is serious because we feel a “weight on my shoulders”, that our relationship is in trouble because of a “heaviness in my heart”, or my struggle to find purpose in life feels like an “emptiness inside”. Notice that all these experiences are more than emotion, because they are full of meaning, so “feelings” is not actually the best word for them.

In Intuitive Life Training we call these intuitive bodily experiences of meaning felt senses and we use a powerful method of working with them called Focusing. Focusing is a way of working with that "heaviness in the heart" or "weight on the shoulders" that reveals the messages these felt senses want to share with us.

Guided in this way by Intuitive Life Training we learn that our truest knowing about life situations, people and relationships comes first in these bodily felt senses, rather than words. When we open to these felt senses in a Focusing way, the words come too, and we realise we are discovering the deepest knowings we have about our life.

With this intuitive, felt, inner knowledge, we make choices and decisions without doubt, because the way forward is not just a best guess in our head, it is deeply felt as right. This is the power of working intuitively. You too can learn to do this with Intuitive Life Training.

Contact:   0439810160